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  • December 19, 2014

SocialHeart is a non-profit organization that is 100% volunteer managed with the goal of creating a better community by supporting all local charities through unique, fun fundraising events, social media & marketing promotions and volunteer support.

SocialHeart was founded by three young professionals who were tired of going to stuffy charity galas that they couldn’t afford and decided to create fun, unique events their friends would enjoy and could afford. We support the community through event planning and promotions, marketing, sponsorship and donations, as well as volunteer support. The great thing about SocialHeart is that all of the money goes to a different local charity everytime!

Our Services

In 2010 a group of young professionals were looking for a way to be involved in organizations while making a great impact in Greater Kansas City. After two years of event planning, volunteering and building awareness for multiple organizations in the community the group founded themselves as SocialHeart. The purpose of SocialHeart is to build the community through support of all local charities. In the three short years of event planning and volunteering, this group has raised over $80K and would love to bring you on to the team or support your organization in its fundraising efforts. SocialHeart does not charge member dues or organizations for their efforts. If you would like to become a member or are an organization looking for volunteering or fundraising support, please feel free to contact us. View our official 501c3 IRS Determination letter.

SocialHeart believes raising money should be fun! We provide support to local non-profit organizations through event fundraising – large and small. From the concept to the final event date, we are there to plan and coordinate an event if you do not have the resources.

If your organization has the resources to put together an event but would like extra social media and marketing support, we are happy to help. We regularly promote our events via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and electronic newsletters. We also have the resources to help with graphic design and website/IT support.

Our goal is to get the community involved and that includes local businesses. Raising awareness for local non-profit organizations requires sponsorships and every dollar we help raise comes from Kansas City locals and stays here in Kansas City.

Our demographic sometimes cannot write the big check but can donate their time. We understand that many local non-profit organizations raise awareness through small fundraising events that do not require our planning services. But we are here to find volunteers for your event if needed.

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